GLUED IOLwhich is a revolutionary method of implanting an intra-ocular lens (IOL) in patients who had a previous complicated cataract surgery. Its an advanced technique, quite ahead of all the contemporaries which are available at present. The lens is fixed in its normal position with the help of Tissue Glue (Gum).

This technique is very beneficial in children with dislocated or subluxated lenses which may be due to a congenital disorder or in adults due to traumatic dislocation of the normal lens.

In complicated cases, the older techniques used sutures to fix an IOL which degrades and loosens with time and eventually leads to complication. In this technique Glue (gum) made from human serum is used to seal the flaps after tucking the lens

The post operative results are very good and the patient rehabilitation is very fast. This method has been widely accepted and appreciated worldwide.

A 15 year old boy who had cataract since birth was operated at the age of 6 months elsewhere for cataract but the lens was not implanted as it was a complicated case and the technology was not available in the past. As a result of this the child had to wear thick glasses and his peripheral vision was compromised. The child was referred to us and Glued IOL was done in both the eyes. Today the child is virtually spectacle free and is leading a normal life.

Similarly, a 10 year old girl who had congenitally dislocated lens in both the eyes was referred. The girl has been operated upon one eye at our centre and is due to undergo surgery for the other eye shortly. The patient satisfaction is so much that her parents can’t stop blessing the entire staff of the hospital.


  • Its applicable in all complicated cases with virtually no contraindication.
  • It can be done in cases of congenital anomalies (esp. in children) also where the normal lens is not present in its original position. The normal dislocated lens is removed and artificial lens is then fixed.
  • Its applicable in traumatic cases also following an injury to the eye.
  • No sutures are taken in this technique and the lens is fixed with HUMAN TISSUE GLUE (which is available commercially in the market).
  • Early post-operative rehabilitation & good vision are the advantages with this technique.

Awareness amongst the doctors and the public is needed, so that the benefit is passed on to the patients who are visually challenged due to complication which had occurred in their eye either due to previous surgery or during the surgery.