Contact Lens

Contact Lens is one of the commonest method adopted for correcting vision and having a spectacle free life. They are indicated for correction of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness),astigmatism and presbyopia.


Daily Wear :
These lenses are to be worn for a day and removed at night before going to sleep.

Extended Wear :
These lenses can be worn overnight because of their high oxygen permeability capacity. Newer materials like silicon hydrogel allow a person to wear lenses consecutively for one month.


Rigid Lenses :
These lenses replace the natural shape of cornea and are therefore used in cases of keratoconus. Initially they were used for high refractive errors and astigmatism.

Soft Lenses :
These types of lenses are the most commonly used in clinical practice. Increased oxygen permeability, wetability and overall comfort are the reasons behind its popularity.

Toric Lenses :
They are prescribed in cases of astigmatism where the curvature of cornea is irregular in one particular axis.

Coloured & Cosmetic Lenses :
These lenses are specially designed for the fashion conscious people who want to give different look to their eyes. They are available in various shades like green, grey, blue, turquoise, brown, honey etc.

Care Of Contact Lenses :

  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses.
  • Change the solution daily and keep the contact lens submerged totally in the solution.
  • Cut nails prior to handling lenses, as nails might tear them apart.
  • Do not use tap water for cleaning the lens. Always use multipurpose solution provided by the company for rinsing and cleaning the lens.
  • In case of redness and persistent itching, contact your ophthalmologist at the earliest.
  • Do not put any medicine in the eye while wearing a contact lens.